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    The Beauty Within

    Be Your Beautiful

    Welcome to GEORGINA CATES COUTURE , LA’s Top Boudoir Photography Studio, dedicated to helping all women express their femininity, strength and sensuality in a safe luxurious atmosphere without shame, judgement or self doubt! Whether you are looking for a risqué, intimate portrait, provocative boudoir, or fine art nudes, Georgina Cates will always capture “your sexy” and create stunning works of art that you’ll cherish forever.

    Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

    Marilyn Monroe

    Woman Behind The Lens

    I have always been intrigued by the fleeting moments, that so many may miss, that others may find insignificant – maybe never even
    notice. The small smile that shines when you feel sexy, the bat of your eyelashes when you know you’re SEXY!

    It is these moments that I feel home – When I can simply breathe and trust myself and my lens to capture that time, that feeling, the
    essence of who you truly are and are allowing yourself to be with me…without shame…without judgement…very simply the glorious
    feminine YOU! That belief is why I do what I love to do and feel blessed to share it with all women.

    No doubt you have wanted to do this for some time – to finally feel as beautiful, strong, courageous on the outside as you know
    you are on the inside – But then come the nagging doubts of ” I should drop a few pounds”, “I could never look like that”, “Do I
    really deserve this?”

    I see YOU when I look through my lens and I promise that every single woman DESERVES to have photographs that remind us how
    unique, special and yes, BEAUTIFUL we truly are. Those photographs, that will sit beautifully on your table or hang in pride on
    your wall for all to see, will remind you every day of just how extraordinary you are, and they will be cherished for a lifetime.

    My love of photography is a never ending journey between YOU and me ..And I thank you for that. I believe in beauty. Inside
    and out. And I can promise this experience will change the way you see and feel about yourself forever.

    Trust me…This is your time to shake off self doubt and embrace the beauty within.

    The experience
    Like anything else taking the first step is always the hardest.

    Georgina Cates

    The Experience

    Photo Shoot Preparation


    After you schedule a session. You will get a complimentary Dream Shoot planner containing tons of information on how to prepare for your session. What to bring and a questionnaire so that we will know what your preferences are for hair & makeup, music and photo styles ahead of your shoot.

    Next we will set up a time for our pre-session consultation. Chatting over the phone/ skype ahead of time helps me get to know you. answers any of your questions about boudoir and makes it a truly customized experience just for YOU!

    (If you want to go a step further, you can collect images you like which will help us know what styles you want to pursue during your session. An easy way to do this is hop over to our pinterest account and start making a boudoir board of all your favorites!)



    When you arrive at Georgina Cates Couture studio, you are welcome to park directly in front of the entrance doors and come right in!

    We will spend time to discuss the game plan for your session. I’ll take a look at the photos you’ve collected. we look at my portfolio book full of samples so I can get a solid sense of what imagery and style truly says YOU!

    Next we’ll finalize each of the 3-4 outfit changes by combining any items you want to borrow from our huge wardrobe collection with any items you brought along. We’ll even select the jewelry. shoes and accessories you want with each outfit.

    Your professional makeup artist/stylist will be there ready to make you feel beautiful. From lashes to hair extensions. this is your time to ENJOY!


    I will give you super easy-to-follow posing directions so no prior experience in front of the camera is needed at all.  My attention to every detail is what I am known for, and I will make sure every shot is PERFECT Everyone leaves saying that it was so much easier than they thought it would be!

    We have speakers throughout our 1200 ft studio to play your favorite music to get you in the boudoir mood….

    Your session will be 1 – 1/2 hr in length so be prepared to tighten your stomach, arch your back and just have fun!  I promise that you will love the experience iust as much as the photos!

    After the photo session is over. you·re invited to take a one hour coffee/lunch break. You can pre-order and relax here or meet a friend.


    When you return your images will be edited/retouched and ready to view!  You’ll see a slideshow of all your photos set to music and then together we·u pick your favorites through a process of elimination.  This is actually the hardest part of the entire day because you are going to love them ALL and cherish forever!

    Most people choose to purchase a Deluxe Printed Photo Album with multiple images. but we also have individual prints. canvas wall hangings. and specialty items that are popular add-ons. Before leaving the studio. you also get a special gift from us to take home with you!

    The product(s) you order will undergo additional retouching, design work, and then move into printing and production. You can anticipate a beautiful package to arrive 2-3 weeks after your session! (Please advise prior if you need a rush order)



    a pre-session phone consult
    world class makeup and hair

    incl false lashes and placing of hair extensions

    our 1500 sq foot NOHO studio

    use of our fully stocked dressing room with elite outfits and props

    1 – 1/2 hour photo shoot with Georgina Cates

    same day viewing of photos

    (Sold separately.Please contact for full product brochure.)


    She walked along side me every step of the way. all my nerves just, disappeared.


    Clients Say

    “This wasn’t a photoshoot! This was life changing experience for me!I am
    … well what I would say .. a normal looking woman … not a model! But
    Georgina made me feel like one. And not just that, she helped me
    realize I am beautiful…that I am sexy .. and most of all I am worthy!
    I would do it again in a heart beat. Her entire team is not only
    professional but it felt like a warm hug. One that every time I open my
    album or look up at my wall I reminded of the time I spent with her.
    Not only is she a brilliant photographer. .. she has a heart of Gold! that’s
    why 5 of my friends already booked!” B A R B A R A


    “I’m a little lost for words. But in a good way. For me this was such a
    personal experience. I’ve had pictures taken before but I never felt like
    they were me. So I thought I would be uncomfortable looking and
    picking out pictures of myself, but there I was! I don’t know how
    Georgina does it but the whole day was so incredibly meaningful and
    when it came to choosing those photos I liked .. .It was hard to find one I
    didn’t! Worth every penny and more!” J E N N I F E R


    “I can’t even call her Georgina now … she will always be George to me!
    She walked along side me every step of the way. all my nerves
    just … disappeared. She is really that brilliant at bringing out your most
    beautiful attributes in a sexy and classy way. When I decided to do this I
    wasn’t sure why and spending that time with her I now know it was
    because we all have insecurties but facing them and really feeling
    beautiful from the inside out … that’s the gift Georgina gave me. And I
    have the most gorgeous photos to prove it!” N O E L L E



    We are here to answer any and all questions you have
    Call us personally at 818. 821.1479
    If you prefer simply contact us below and we will take precious care of you

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