I believe every woman can celebrate her unique femininity, shamelessly.  This is what I live for. It’s why I am a photographer. It’s how I live my own life. It EVEN influences how I parent my own daughter.

When you come to me and shed your clothing and I photograph you, it’s part of the process of living shamelessly.  I offer a safe and wonderful place that allows you to express your unique femininity without any judgement. In fact, just the opposite. With many praises.  It is an experience that I have seen be life changing over and over again.

It offers you self confidence, freedom, and a retraining of your brain that you can do something daring and good things come of it.  I hear from women over and over that they want to do this, they NEED this – but something is stopping them.

What is that? That nagging feeling that we are not “pretty” enough? That we’re no longer 20 so that means we’re not sexual beings? That we’re ashamed to spend money on ourselves doing something for us..not the kids or the house or the school tuition blah blah blah!!! Trust me…I have been there. Still am on many days….

We forget we are worth it. We forget to put ourselves first sometimes. We forget who we are!

But that can change.  It MUST change. Because we are better mothers, lovers, sisters and friends when we FEEL amazing about ourselves!!!

So as I am the blogging virgin here…thank you for popping my cherry!!!  There is so much more to come!! In the meantime I will simply say…BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL….every day…..because you deserve to!